Our support How it works

We offer full support and training in getting your business off the ground. We provide you with the advice and tools to achieve the ambitions you hold for your business.

The model allows you to build the business that is right for you. There is always someone in the team here in Australia and in the UK, with ideas and tips to help you get to where you want to be.

By giving you your own territory to work and market in, there is no competition between Franchisees. We take pride in our cooperative approach in working together. Each Franchisee supports one another; whether it’s providing on-site cover for a client while you are on holiday, doing some joint marketing together to drum up new business or simply asking another Franchisee for advice on how to handle a particular situation. No one person can know everything! Your territory will be formed in your agreement with us, which will be discussed further when you come to visit us.

One connected, supporting network

The HR Dept’s collaborative network is a vibrant hub of like-minded individuals, supporting each other in a non-competitive environment.

Having the backup and support of our expanding network of HR professionals means you are never alone and, whatever the problem, someone will have experienced a similar situation and will be happy to share their knowledge. That's why when you first start your business, you'll be assigned one of our Franchisees as a mentor, on-hand to guide and support you.

We are here to support you but you have autonomy

Whilst we provide you with the advice and tools to work with, every Franchisee does not have to operate in exactly the same way and offer exactly the same services. Each of you is unique with individual skills sets and experiences. That doesn't mean we don't share great ideas though, our Franchisees can frequently be found sharing thoughts and issues with each other as well as the Central Office, so they can get the best solutions and services for their clients.

How you benefit

We know that setting up a new business can be a daunting task. Our proven business model offers you full support and training, not to mention a wealth of HR tools and marketing materials, helping you get your business off the ground both quickly and successfully.

Sales & marketing training

The HR Dept provides you with comprehensive start up and ongoing sales and marketing training and provides you with a plan of how to win business.

IT & technical support

As well as providing you with a laptop set up with all our systems with ongoing desktop support, you will also get a virtual telephone number and a mobile sim plan and access to our bespoke and cutting edge customer relationship management system.

HR, employment law & advice

We provide unlimited advice in all three areas, with regular review face-to-face meetings and support. It may be a case of just running something past our team through to complicated employment or business issues. We are here to be your back up and support as no one can know everything.

Business set up & Accountancy

We provide you with guidance and advice on how to set up your business structure, your VAT, business bank account. We set up your company for you and you will be provided with an accountancy package to support you in your first year in business.

Business coaching

Starting your own business can be scary and overwhelming, we provide you with external business coaching to help to keep your plans on track and assist you in reaching your goals.

HR documents

A comprehensive range of legal documents, letters and guidance notes for you to adapt and customise for your clients. These are maintained and updated as legislation changes so you can be sure you are always giving the correct documentation to your clients.

Holiday cover

A huge bonus! Franchisees benefit from four weeks’ holiday cover every year. While you are away we will provide your clients with the services and advice they require. This way business doesn’t stop when you are on holiday and you can have a proper break as well as giving your customers peace of mind. We’ve even covered maternity leave before, we are incredibly flexible and family friendly.

Marketing materials

Whether you are trying to promote your own HR workshop or seminar or you’ve spotted an advertising opportunity you can’t miss, you don’t need to re-invent the wheel. We have a bank of ready-made and designed up materials that can be made bespoke with your details. You will also get a starter pack of branded stationery and business cards.


Your own branded newsletter written for you each month to send to clients updating them on key HR issues in SMEs as well as an internal newsletter containing sales tips and a press release to submit to local press contacts.

Social media

We provide you with guidance, content and images to maximise your impact on social media. Each week you will get a weekly blog to distribute. Let us do the content creation that helps to raise your credibility and profile so you are free to go out and get new business.


We'll set up your own webpage for you on our search engine optimised website. Have a look at our local offices page on our customer website to get a flavour for what a Franchisee’s website looks like.

Added value services

In addition to our core HR services, if you want to give your customers a little something extra, you can offer value added services which you can earn commission on allowing on and allow you to earn extra revenue in your business if you choose to do so. This is so you can offer everything that a customer may need from payroll to cloud based HR software systems, you will have all the tools your customers may need.

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